Big Rock goes back to its initial price on (dot)com domains.

Indian Godaddy domain and host provides Bigrock really had a good time in market with its business. To its growth it quickly increased its dot com rates to 550/- which was end of this January. But may be its business got down as many other hosting companies are providing a dot com for even lesser. even Godaddy had some of it offer as winter offers where people where getting domains for even cheaper price of 110/- to 150/- and what could Bigrock do but to get back to its initial price tag of 499/- and dot co domain had been increased from 799/- to 999/- may be there was nice sale on those domains.

What so ever Indians are smarter enough while buying a domain they want it for cheap and Godaddy or Bigrock they don't care on cheap and best. so hope Bigrock goes big again with its new slashed rates. When there was an increase they informed all their customers through a newsletter but after lowering they dint inform.

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